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Bite Blueprint Branding
What You Receive

A comprehensive design package tailored for your brand

Our personalized service streamlines your branding experience with a suite of bespoke solutions.

Logo Design

Create a custom logo that embodies your company’s values and vision, and explore its global impact through high-quality mockups.

Format Files

Receive all necessary file formats, including SVG, PNG, EPS, and PDF, in different styles, such as full-color, monochrome, and transparent, to ensure your logo is versatile across all mediums - digital or print.

Brand kit

Get equipped with a harmonized suite of branding materials crafted with your brand's distinctive flair, bringing consistency and professionalism to every touchpoint, from invoice templates to promotional flyers.
Branding Kit

Social Media Templates

Capture attention with custom-branded social media templates that align with your brand’s personality - enhance your presence with attention-grabbing covers, posts, and stories across various platforms.

Business Card Design

Get memorable, custom-designed business cards that convey essential details and reflect your brand identity, ensuring you make a lasting impression.

Brand Info

Access detailed insights into your brand's design elements. Gain expertise in utilizing your logo’s fonts, colors, and styles to maintain consistency and establish a powerful brand identity.
Social Media Kit
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Why Choose Us

A comprehensive design package tailored for your brand

We create a cohesive, personalized branding experience using visual elements and strategic narratives to resonate with your unique audience, developing a distinctive and impactful brand identity that aligns with your vision and objectives.

Bite Blueprint Branding. Why Choose Us

Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline for a complete branding project is approximately 3-4 weeks. This includes initial logo proposals in the first week, revisions, and preparation of the final mockups, social media templates, and brand guidelines.

Yes, you can request revisions after the first proposal. We offer unlimited revisions on the chosen logo until you are satisfied.

Within the first 3 months, there are no additional fees beyond the initial quoted price. After that, revisions are charged at an hourly rate of $15.

You will be actively involved in the design process, especially after the initial proposal, to ensure the branding aligns with your vision.

Post-project, we offer free minor revisions for 6 months. Afterward, revisions can be made on an hourly basis.

Yes, we provide discounted prices for minor revisions to existing logos. Note that major changes or complete rebrands are not eligible for this discount.

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